Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello, my name is Miki Kinomoto. This is what I look like :3

I moved to Los Angeles six years ago, and I have never owned a car the entire time I've lived here. I generally don't mind – the Metro system isn't nearly as bad as everyone would lead you to believe. Plus, I get to ride a mobile people-watching station to work every day. I'm a huge fan of despair, misshapen people, poor decisions and odors of every stripe. The bus is a natural place for someone like me. It's a veritable Carnival of the Damned. Oh, and me. I'm not one of the bus people. I'm above the fray, right? I couldn't possibly be one of them. (I am totally one of them.)

When I get on the bus, I usually put on my headphones and zone out. It's me and my podcast. I make it a point to never interact with the people around me. If I do, I could change the outcomes of their lives. I need to remain neutral and observant. I am Uatu the Watcher, everyone around me is the Fantastic Four. This all changed on September 17, 2011, when I found a note from Miki Kinomoto.

Hello, my name is Miki Kinomoto. Thank you for reading this. I hope you will agree to my task. There are five element stones that has (sic) been scattered around the Land of Treasury. The fire stone, the ice stone, the water stone, the poisin (sic) stone, and the grass stone. Meet me at Lankershim Magnolia to learn more about the task.

This is what I look like. :3

So as I'm sure you could guess, this is just a drawing and a note that was probably left on the bus by a lonely teenager. Maybe even younger. I mean, the poor penmanship and spelling are a dead giveaway. I had fun making fun of “Miki Kinomoto” on Facebook, with her permanent blush and weirdly segmented legs. I think the biggest giveaway was on the back of the note, which was a drawing of a grid with the caption “Golden wafflez!!!” I went home and went on with my life.

((What if Miki Kinomoto is real?))
((That's ludicrous.))
((I know, but come on. She's probably not real, but you live like, a mile away from Lankershim and Magnolia. You should at least check it out.))
((Ugh. I don't want to walk that far.))
((That's a terrible excuse. What about the adventure you could be having?))
((Adventure? What adventure? The adventure where I walk down there and there's no Asian girl and no Element Stones and just a Carl's Jr. and a Radio Shack? That adventure? I could have that adventure any day, thanks.))
((Yeah, but it could be real.))
((You are such an asshole. I'm going to bed.))

Like I said, I went on with my life. More or less. I thought about it every once in a while, but come on. It's not real. It's a page out of some idiot kid's notebook.

((Or is it?))
((Seriously, shut up.))

I was out just a few days later, walking down to the grocery store when I came across-

((The one at Lankershim and Magnolia?))
((Yes, and I'd thank you to stop interrupting me. I'm trying to tell the story here.))

Okay so I came across a pizza box with some writing on it, just discarded on the sidewalk. A note. For me.

I can't wait to see you.
I'm around
Carl's Jr.

((Oh, Carl's Jr? Like the one over on Lankershim and Magnolia?))
((Okay, okay. You win. I'm going there anyhow, what's the worst that could happen?))
((Fun and adventure!))

20 minutes later.

((Okay, I'm here. Look, there's nobody here. No Miki Kinomoto, no Element Stones, nothing. Just a Carl's Jr. and a Radio Shack, like I said.))
((Wait, what's that over there? It's a tiny Asian girl. Ask her if she's Miki!))
((Are you kidding? That's the world's worst idea.))
((Just do it.))

- Uh, hi. Miki?
- Yes?
- (!!!) I found your note, I think.
- You did? Oh thank God. You're the last hope of my people. The Land of Treasury needs you.
- Really?
- Take my hand. We're going on an adventure.

((I told you so.))
((Okay, you win. Here we go.))

Josh Grimmer, last known photograph.